American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Health, Temperament, Coat, Health and Care

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Health, Temperament, Coat, Health and Care

What is small, white, and woolly and nicknamed a Fuzzy? The American Fuzzy Lop!

It is sometimes called:

  • The Fuzzy Lop Rabbit,
  • Fuzzies,
  • American Holland Lop Rabbit,
  • The Woolly Holland Lop

The American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit breed

The American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit (AFL) is a friendly and also active, tiny rabbit type; developed on the East coastline of the United States of America in the 1980s.

This charming little bunny has a lengthy woolly fur coat, a short level muzzle like a feline, and long saggy ears. It will be playful and love to get as much interest as feasible, both human and rabbit.

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits are very charming as little bunnies. Allow’s have a look at this brand-new breed of rabbit, now recognized by the ARBA.

A brief history of the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit breed

The growth of the American Fuzzy Lop bunny starts with the Holland Lop bunny.

The Holland Lop bunny was originally just available in solid color layers. Back then breeders wished to have a broken pattern variety within the Holland Lop breed.

The service was to breed Holland Lops with English Place bunnies (who had a damaged pattern and flyback hair) as well as the offspring would certainly after that achieve a broken pattern.

However, in this breeding mix, the children had actually lost the rollback fur that prevailed in the Holland Lop bunny type as well as preferred the English Area hair.

To bring back the rollback hair, Holland Lops were after that gone across with French Angora rabbits; a woollen type, well-known for its soft roll-back ‘angora’ woollen layer.

It was the enhancement of the French Angora bunny into the reproducing efforts that introduced the ‘woollen genetics’ into the Holland Lop gene pool.

Soon later the litters in this breeding program were effectively born with lengthy layers as well as the wanted mild rollback coat.

They were lovable as well as news spread in breeding circles regarding this brand-new type of Holland Lop with hair like an Angora.

How did the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit breed develop to become a recognized breed by the ARBA?

Professional breeders read about this cute little fuzzy-fur bunny and also decided to try to breed them additionally.

Two dog breeders on the East Coast of America, Patty Greene-Karl and also Gary Fellers, and also one more two breeders from the West Shore of America, Kim Landry, and Margaret Miller, liked this fuzzy rabbit type as well as attempted to reproduce them.

It was Patty Greene-Karl that had an advancement when she realized that the ‘woollen genetics’ was recessive.

She understood that if she crossed 2 Holland Lop bunnies, with this woollen genetics, there would be a one in 4 chance that the offspring would have a ‘unclear’ wool layer.

In the very early 1980s, Patty Greene-Karl decided to start a breeding program to establish these woolly Holland Lop bunnies, as a new type. The mix consisted of:

Holland Lop rabbits – typically a solid color with rollback coats

English Spot rabbits – typically a broken color with flyback coats

French Angora rabbits – with long hair and gentle rollback coats

American fuzzy lop rabbit breed and the ARBA

She called her brand-new bunny breed the American fuzzy lop bunny breed (AFLs), as she had actually developed them on the East Shore, in the USA of ‘America’, and also they had a’ blurry’ woollen coat and also ‘Lop’ ears (long dangling ears).

Technique makes ideal for establishing brand-new rabbit breeds

Patty Greene-Karl remained to adjust the reproducing formula over the following 4 years, to achieve a rabbit that would certainly be approved as a new type by the American Bunny Breeders Organization (ARBA).

As it is customized when attempting to present a brand-new bunny breed it has to be presented at the annual American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) show.

In 1984, at the Yearly ARBA convention in Houston, Texas, Patty first offered her new bunny breed– The American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit,

In Houston, it passed– receiving 3 criteria: one for the weight (mentioning a maximum of 4.75 extra pounds and also a minimum of 3.75 pounds), physique (wool type), and also ear carriage.

In 1986 – at the Annual ARBA convention in Columbus, Ohio– it passed

In 1987 – at the Annual ARBA convention in Portland, Oregon – it failed, due to inconsistencies

Patty asked Jeff Hardin for help to write a new working standard for her new rabbit breed, which was accepted; a maximum weight of 4 pounds and an ideal weight of 3.5 pounds, and woolly.

In 1988 – at the Annual ARBA convention in Madison – it passed, and became a recognized breed by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association.

American Fuzzy Lop - American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit breed appearance

An American Fuzzy Lop bunny is a beautifully soft, long-haired breed of rabbit with a very short portable body that appears muscle.

This Fuzzy rabbit type has a wide chest and muscular all-round hindquarters.

The AFL bunny has the appearance and also physique of a Holland Lop but with longer rollback hair like an Angora rabbit; woolly and also super soft hair that’s not susceptible to matting and tangling.

Although the American Fuzzy Lop bunny is a woolly type its woollen will certainly be shorter than that of an industrial Angora bunny, it can still be rotated as woollen for garments.

The AFL has a selection of various shade classifications, solid colors or broken patterns with unique markings; Pure White, Colored, natural, or colored!

The different colors include;

‘Agouti – which is another color combined with white, such as Chinchilla, Lynx, Opal, Chestnut or Squirrel

‘Pointed White – is a pure white color body, with different color markings; Black, Blue, Chocolate, or Lilac.

White AFLs come in 2 varieties: the Blue-eyed White and the Ruby eyed White.

AFLs are partly named for their sort of ears which are long as well as thick but do not stand erect, rather they lop or hang down the side of their face.

The AFL face is short, with a level muzzle that resembles the face of a feline, with distinctive markings over the nose, eye circles, and tinted ears.

What are the main characteristics of the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit breed?

American Fuzzies are friendly and sweet. They’re truly sociable & enjoy being handled and stroked.


This brand-new type resembles a Holland Lop bunny with a much longer soft unclear layer. It’s friendly and not known to be hostile.

It is not considered an at-risk breed of rabbits by the American Animals Breeds Conservancy.


They became popular really quickly in America in the mid to late 1980s when they were trying to end up being recognized by the ARBA. They did well in Rabbit competitors as well as are liked for their soft hair.

Power, intelligence, and trainability:

This rabbit enjoys individuals and also will certainly be really friendly if interacted socially very early as well as end up being utilized by different people as well as various other pet dogs. Some can even be educated to reply to its name as well as come for food when called.

However, bear in mind that bunnies are target pets and also will certainly act upon impulse when faced with a threat.

They are not one of the most intelligent pets, yet they have solid instincts as well as excellent vision as well as hearing and also will certainly try to range from any kind of viewed risk.


It is essential to socialize this bunny as a young kitty as well as get it made use of to being handled early if it is to be maintained as a family member’s pet or even made use of as a show rabbit.

Early touch and brushing will make the bunny much less worried and more biddable. This bunny will get along as well as be playful and also delight in lots of attention.


American Fuzzy Lop bunnies are understood for their lovely lengthy hair. Although their hair is wool-like that of the Angora breed, the hair of the AFL is not as lengthy.

However, despite having a length of around 2 inches in length, the wool of the AFL can be rotated into the thread as well as made use of for clothes.

Their woollen is top quality, much like Angora, as well as this has earned them the label ‘The Head of Fancy’. Today they are still preferred as show rabbits or house bunnies and are suitable for living inside or outdoors in appropriate safe and secure hutches.


This is a really friendly as well as wonderful little rabbit. They are curious and also spirited and also make wonderful family members pet dogs as well as friends for basically any type of rabbit owner; from Elders to Young Singles.

They are really active and also energized and like to have the chance to run around and keep busy. They require a fenced area to keep them safe from predators.

Remember, bunnies are natural victim pets and as such will have acute senses. This suggests they can be quickly shocked by abrupt noises or unforeseen movements and also this may cause them to become terrified as well as they may run away.

Physical Characteristics of the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

Size: Small size

Weight: 3-4lb (1.4-1.8kg)

Life expectancy: 5-8 years

Litter size: around 4-6 Kittens per litter

(2-4 litters per year)

Coat Color: Pure White or Agouti (white mixed with a Chinchilla, Lynx, Opal, Chestnut, or Squirrel color), solid color or broken pattern

Coat type: A dense coat, super soft, wool-type coat.

It is not hypoallergenic; there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic rabbit.

Ears: long and thick lop ears

Eye Color: medium-sized brown eyes or blue-eyed White or Ruby eyed White varieties too


An American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is affable and also caring when interacting socially as well as they simply love to play. This is not known to be an aggressive breed however can obtain shocked by unexpected motions or loud noises.

It will certainly require the area to run around and also burn its power or else it will certainly end up being aggravated.

They fit with any age or experience of the owner.

Types of training required for the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit:

1) Crate – Get a bunny hutch or cage and obtain your rabbit made use of to enter into it. This will become its nest and it will sleep there and just hang out in there to relax.

You will certainly need to lock the hutch in the very early days so it recognizes it is supposed to live as well as sleep there and also it will be a helpful experience needed to you ever before need to carry your family pet.

This bunny is fit for indoor or outdoor living, with an appropriate hutch or firmly fenced location. If mostly living outdoors but care should be required to raise the hutch off the ground and also ensure it is predator-proof without spaces in the sides or base.

2) Potty training – This bunny is moderately simple to potty train. You will certainly need to begin early and also take the bunny and its droppings back to the cage or hutch each time and also placed the droppings on the trash shavings each time so it will recognize the location to go by smell and practice.

As this type of rabbit has longer than ordinary hair special focus requires to be provided to its cleanliness after likely to the commode.

FACT: A Rabbit may produce slightly softer-type stools overnight and it will then eat them in the morning to help with its digestion. This is not pleasant to watch but it is perfectly normal.

A Rabbit might produce somewhat softer-type feces overnight and also it will then eat them in the morning to assist with its digestion. This is not pleasant to enjoy yet it is flawlessly typical.


3) Walking on a leash – believe it or otherwise, you can actually get bunny leashes as well as educate your bunny to go on a stroll with you. Not also far though as well as be careful of its paws when very young, or on any type of warm ground.

Health problems for American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits

The American Fuzzy Lop bunny is typically fairly healthy and balanced, with a life expectancy of 5-8 years, but check your bunny on a regular basis to avoid:

Flystrike – Flystrike (also known as Myiasis) occurs when a fly lands on a rabbit’s skin and lays its eggs in the rabbit’s skin (usually around a dirty bottom, wet fur, or a wound).

These eggs hatch rapidly and also the maggots after that eat their way right into the bunny’s skin. This can occur within hrs and become fatal.

This is specifically crucial when the bunny is a longer-haired type as it may not constantly be evident there is an issue. Checks need to be extra regular with this type.

Wool Block (Furballs) – American Fuzzy Lops,

like all rabbits, lick their hair to cleanse themselves, as well as develop fur balls. Nonetheless, bunnies can not spew hairballs, as cats can, so it can become unsafe if it builds up in the belly.

Therefore a papaya supplement is frequently utilized, in the form of papaya enzyme tablet computers, as the papaya enzymes can break down the fur ball obstruction.

If the Wool block is not determined and also dealt with early it can become deadly.

Teeth – A rabbit’s teeth never ever quit expanding so it is really crucial that it has sufficient hay to gnaw on. 70% of the bunny’s food consumption ought to originate from hay and also eating hay will certainly help maintain the teeth from over-growing.

A bunny’s teeth must not be enabled to grow as well long as they can become their jaws and face. This can be both uncomfortable and also stop them from consuming effectively. Disordered teeth should be filed down by a Veterinarian.

Caring for an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit – what’s needed?


Feeding a small-sized bunny, 70% of a rabbit’s food consumption needs to be from hay, and the rest needs to be created as rabbit food; the quantity needs to be suitable for the specific weight of the rabbit.

The amount you should feed your rabbit will certainly rely on its weight as well as energy level; include some leafy eco-friendly vegetables into the diet plan as well.

Do not give your rabbit iceberg lettuce as it has excessive Lanandum which can be unsafe to eat or sweet foods.


The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit has long woollen hair but it is low upkeep to groom.

It needs to be brushed in the dropping season and also examined regularly to stop matting and tangling, generally around the tail area when it sits. Matting is not just unpleasant it can come to be uncomfortable for the rabbit when efforts are made to disentangle it.

It will lick its very own paws and clean its face as well as ears thoroughly and then present some fascinating stretches to clean up the remainder of its body. Rabbits are by nature spick-and-span pets.

FACT: When a bunny massages its face and also whiskers for you to see it suggests it feels comfortable where it is.

Examine around the bunny’s lower consistently to see to it does not have flystrike evidence.

Tick and also flea repellents are available if the rabbit mostly enjoys the outdoors to protect it from bites.

There are a variety of soft and also wire hair brushes which will certainly assist maintain your rabbit’s dropping under control. (Best check out what’s advised on Google or Amazon or Wikipedia for more truths.).


Remember, you do not need to bathe a rabbit. They will self-clean their fur.

Cleaning teeth, nails, and ears

Inspect their teeth to stop over-growth, by making certain they have enough harsh food and toys to eat on, as this will keep their teeth length down.

Nails expand quickly and also require to be cut frequently. If this breed of rabbit is permitted to run around, especially in a huge enclosed location outside, they will certainly wear their pin-downs a little. If not they require to be inspected, a state once a month for size as well as infection.

A Bunny’s nails should not be cut past where the white end of the nail fulfills the pink part! Regardless of the rabbit consistently cleansing its very own Lop ears, their ears still need to be checked for dirt build-up, termites, or infection consistently, particularly if they are maintained outdoors.

What’s life like for an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit?


A Fuzzy is an adorable little unshaven bunny that will be energetic and lively when it has the chance.

It likes to be stimulated, so its hutch should have some safe toys in it for it to have fun with; objects where tiny parts can not be conveniently bitten off or it may choke. You can make your own bunny toys out of old socks or old gloves that you can stuff with hay which it might consume.

Golf balls, pine cones, or wood are ideal, and PVC tubing would certainly make an optimal burrow passage for it to play in.

Take care if the bunny is housed outside, that the hutch or cage is lifted off the ground and sealed with great mesh or cord to safeguard it from predators.

Whether you maintain your Blurry as an interior animal or exterior family pet you should guarantee it has a sufficient area in its cage to stretch out entirely to rest or rest as well as a sufficient area to maintain its food away from where it sleeps or its clutter tray.

Positives and Negatives of ownership


  • Beautiful unusual super soft long hair like Angora to touch
  • Very cute little bunnies
  • A multi-purpose breed – good for their wool quality, for shows, and as pets
  • Fairly low maintenance
  • Sweet-natured and affectionate with children
  • Very sociable and loved to be handled
  • Very clean and easy to potty train
  • Suits indoor or outdoor living, easy to house train


  • Needs to have a regular amount of papaya added to its diet.
  • Does not tolerate very hot temperatures well
  • Will need sufficient stimulation or will bite at cage contents
  • Needs sufficient space to run around

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. How much does an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit cost?

A. Around $50, from a reputable American Fuzzy Lop breeder

Do your study prior to you get and also examine the dog breeder or seller, its health history, and also any characteristics that could give create the issue.

Food and litter products will cost around $20-25 per month, plus Vets charges, inoculations, as well as devices all need to be factored right into the expense of having your rabbit. Then factor in accessories, playthings, veterinarians’ bills, as well as care products.

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